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Traffic Exchange

Below are the Lists of Scammers of whom I experienced and interacted. These groups are designed to allure or persuade Investors especially double your money after one (1) day to five (5) days. Buy their products as customers and in turn they use you as Salesman to work for them and as a results you brainwashed and promise to their pledges that you have to woke up early and drive traffic by paid ads like facebook ads and organic advertising by placing your ads to targetted fb business groups but sad think the top leaders only becomes rich and the downlines are struggling to get commissions and this is unfair. I don't like to promote business and investment programs that only the Founders and the Top Leaders are getting rich. I am promoting the investment programs that earn between 1% to 2% daily net profit even you don't recruits or selling or begging to your friends, relatives, work mates, neighbors and other people just to sell them products just to get commissions or pressuring yourselves to wake up early just to sell their products. I want everybody to be happy that if i get 1.50% profit today based on my own investment also my downlines are getting profits also so that everybody wins and no one left behind. So after reading all scammers here below i published the legit, safe, secure and stable investment programs that earns me truly passive income while i sleep.

To warm all the public please see the Lists below of all old scammers and new scammers;

1.) www.usdincome.com (captured your money when you earn profit they pressed the withdrawal and ask for another deposit and scam you again- still banner ads is running soon to shut down),

2.) www.chevronfund.com (shutdown now and rake all investors money-big scammer),

3.) www.dubai-bankcorp.com(captured your money and don't response- still banner ads is running soon to shutdown),

4.) www.maria-inv.com (captured your money and don't response- still banner ads running but soon to shutdown),

5.) www.asset-finance.com (2 years consistently paid both small and big investors and lately now pressed the capital of big investors - Partners are mishandling this company, stay away from Asset-finance- still banner ads is running but planning to shutdown soon),

6.) Elite Earners Club is legit but this Fun-page https://www.facebook.com/eliteearners/ is Fake was imitated by scammer don't transact in this fun-page and only transact to their FB secret group which is genuine and get instruction from this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1045648965580847/) or follow my link https://eliteearners.club/Acc/Register?Ref=13007

7.) ProTraderBitcoin Only have Fun Page no website operated by Ali (Telling he is American Negro Expert Bitcoin/Forex Trader but i ask him basic questions about trading he didn't know anything)- when you are not yet paid they are responsive promise big return and persuade you to deposit. 0.10BTC after 24 hrs will become 0.40BTC but after 24 hrs they block you and gone).
Beware of Latest Scammers!!!

7.) ACM Gold- They are now in the Philippines and started 15 Jan. 2017 many Pinoy are flooding putting their money-in from P1,000 to P25K and promise to receive double, triple, and even quadruple in 1 days, 2 days and 3 days stay away from them.

8.) www.cryptowealthfund.com (CWF)- promise 7% profit daily (Admin Ahmed run from the secret group connivance with his promoter Sara Hyip- This Canadian scammer persuade you to join and give you bonus but the truth when you finished join she will ignore you and when you complain to her she will block you, Admin of CWF is not responsive he ignored all your complain. What they are doing now is they release earlier your profit withdrawal one, two, maximum 3 and after that they hold your withdrawal and hack big investors account by changing their Id and Password and investors who complained them in the secret group they block immediately, this is a Big Scam!- still the banner ads is active but very soon it will shut down due to a lot of negatives)

9.) www.7tech.biz or 7Tech Limited- Promise 10% profit daily forever (Shutdown and rake all investors money)

10.) www.bitmagnet.org - Giving 12% daily forever. The moment you come-in they will release one (1) withdrawal and then they captured your capital and they will not response to you anymore even you email them several times. This is a Big SCAM!

11.) Coin.bomb and coin.club - Even you they are requiring you of small capital of P50 and P224 worth of Bitcoin promise to double your coin after 24 hrs. they just give commission to your recruit but your principal is captured this is also a BIG SCAM!

12.) X10BIT- Promising to give you 10% daily but after you in you can't withdraw! Now site can't open big scammer! https://x10bit.biz
Note: Please get update of all Scammers to be featured in my business blog: http://stocksbizinsight.com

13.)https://reliablebitcoin.com https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014858838631 she's fake and fraud together with Sara Hyip https://www.facebook.com/profile.php… and Hilman Renaldi https://www.facebook.com/hilman.renaldi.92?fref=nf

14.) https://www.megaforex.cc - Not Paying

15.) https://aceswealth.com/- Not Paying

16.) FX10 - The founder run away and went somewhere else and has not communicated all investors and his vip account in lite-forex broker has pressed due to money laundering which is the reason of Lite Forex but the truth is Lite-Forex broker scammed all money of FX10 Investors and FX10 Founder. Lite-Forex is a BIG SCAMMER!!!

17.) Cryptoeice.org- Not Paying
18.) Onehourly.biz- Not Paying
19.) Radiant-gold.biz- Not Paying
20.) Coinshour.com- Locked the website ang capture all capital of all investors.
21.) Kingways.com - After you deposit you can't withdraw and there's no admin to
entertain your emails. Big SCAM!!!

22.) Bitcoinbuilder.com- They are paying for small investment one, two and then later you can't withdraw especially those who invested $50 and above and you become VIP you can't withdraw anymore and admin support is not responding. Big SCAM.

23.) Mypayingcryptoads-hourlyinv.com- When you come inside you can't withdraw anymore big scam!!!

24.) Hashpower https://hashpower.io is not responding in the email and they are not releasing withdrawal. Stay away from them. Don't bite their 20% daily promo for 30 days. This is set up for scamming investors money.

25.) http://zinc.cc- They are not releasing pay-out more than one month and not answering email or queries so many weeks already. Stay away from them.

26.) 9Returns.com who gives 6% daily is a big scammer. on their website they pretend to invest in diversified portfolio, 9returns are group of hackers who employed in Razzleton and hacked almost of the account of all investors of Razzleton and now the management of Razzleton kicked them out and they created this 9return website. https://www.9returns.com

27.) Coinrev is a crypto currency mining and is paying 7% daily profit or 0.29% hourly consistently. And you can withdraw hourly or daily because the profit is adding hourly. https://coinrev.cc

28.) Richmond Berks Pretend to be real estate auctioneer. Operate 7 months and scam 100K members and $50M.

29.) Razzleton - Pretend to be Medical World Supplier, operate one year and pretend that all capital investors fund were hacked.

30.) Bitcompany.io is not paying and shut down their website.
31.) PoolEarn pretend to be a Big advertizing Revshare but recently shutdown their website and rake millions of dollar of 30K investors https://poolearn.com
32.) Coinexpro good only 15 days and scammed all https://coinexpro.net
33.) Betrobot: Operate only 3 months and stop paying.
34.) Clary Bot: Operate only 1 month and scam investors.
35.) Lucy Bot: Operate only 1 month and stop paying.
36.) Agios-Capital: Operate only 2 months and scammed investors.
37.) Arena-Investment: Still operating but this is a former Agios-capital still they will scam investors.
38.) Project People Bot: Still operating but this bot came from Lucy Bot set up to scam investors again and again.
39.) Control-Finance: This is a former Asset-Finance who scammed investors before and right now just on 8 Sept to 14 Sept. 2017 stop paying and shut down all their website, FB, Tweeter, Instagram and You Tube Account.
40.) Mastercoinplus. Still operating but this program is absolutely scammer because has no live trading inside and overboard profit payout and registration of website is blank and name of registrants are hidden.
41.) Futurecoins. Still operating but this program is absolutely scammer because has no live trading inside and overboard profit payout and registration of website is blank and name of registrants are hidden.
42.) Jet Coins. - This is scammer came from fastcoin, onecoin and now Jet Coin
43.) Wiredcoins: https://wiredcoins.com. Website is still ongoing but not paying
44.) Laser.Online. This website is operating now and attempt again to scam many don't invest on them they are former Zinc7.com who scammed thousands of investors and wipe out more than $50M funds and shut down their website. They said they are trading but the truth they are lying and they are not trading.
45.) https://dailycoinmine.com/ - Unbelievable Rate of Return no need to research this is absolutely scam.
46.) Wesley Bacate (Gospel Preacher) - Founder of RU Affiliates. Deceives every Filipino that his Secret Video that he is selling can make you Rich. These secret videos that he is telling are free only to other gurus but he is selling. Thousands of Filipinos are deceived and ignorant and to pay this Secret Video worth P1,500 which is supposively FREE if he wants to help every Filipinos. Because for other foreign guru this secret video is only Free when you buy their software program. They use networking system like binary power legs to get commissions from the new comers who paid the up lines and founder and i called this High Tech Ponzi Scam.

47.) Edward Reformina (CEO and Founder of Unity Network) - Create APS or Ascending Profits System. He is the one who victims me to buy P3,000 worth of video marketing materials i did not able to see because the presentation is like on the other side of gurus which i bought the software and their teaching similar to them they copy those teachings. Eduard is the who also sells blogging software like impact instrument and rocket pages he is selling over price which is P1,150/ month. But this blogging software according to my depth researched only cost $1.99 Canadian dollar per month or P75/ month from TECH HELP Canada and you pay only every month not 6 months or 3 months. Thousands of Filipinos were deceived and were ignorant just imagined overprice of P1,075 or 1,433% overpriced. They introduce here pairing bonus or binary system and recruit more using FB and Other paid ads and using organic traffic like posting to all FB business groups, Tweeter, youtube or instagram. Right now their APS was banned by FB. All the new fresh comers payment all these overprice products goes to their uplines and in turn all top leaders of Unity Network becomes millionaire and the downlines keep on recruiting  because if he/she will not recruit she/he can't get commissions  according to their pledges form that everyone must be serious in this  business and to drive more traffic going to their link so that they can recruit more and can be successful. But the problem on this kind of networking system the down lines are not getting enough of commissions if they sell their commission will go to their top line and they quit it means to say newbie joins APS who pays and recruit at least one and quit so all the money goes to up line and founder and i call this High Tech Ponzi Scam!

48.) REDEX - The founder of this Affiliate Program is Russian that's why the education material language are Russian. They front their educational materials to deceived people to buy and encourage to recruit more and everyone is overwhelming because of the big commission bonus are coming from their down lines. They front the educational materials that they have the product but the truth they are recruiting more and the money recruits the more payment given to the top leader  and the downlines are used as a sales man and the Top Leaders and Founder are the one benefited the money paid by down lines and I believed this is a high tech Ponzi Scam.

49.) VECTORINO PARBA JR. (Creator Automated Profit System). This is the same concept with Unity Network (Ascending Profits System), RU Affiliates, and REDEX

All the sites below are owned by one hacker and scammer promising you of $0.10 per click but it's not true they are not paying.

50.)  hrmoney.site - Not paying
51.) mdmoney.site -
Not paying
52.) mymoney.press-
Not paying
53.) onmoney.press-
Not paying
54.) fmoney.club-
Not paying
55.) smoney.club-
Not paying
56.) qmoney.host-
Not paying
57.) ezmoney.press-
Not paying
58.) cntmoney.site-
Not paying
59.) upmoney.site-
Not paying
60.) stmoney.site-
Not paying
62.) mdmoney.press -
Not paying
63.) qmoney.club-
Not paying
64.) jmoney.site-
Not paying
65.) emoney.fun-
Not paying
66.) vbmoney.site-
Not paying
67.) xlmoney.site-
Not paying
68. bemoney.site -
Not paying
69. smoney.site -
Not paying
70. stepmoney.site- Not paying
71. imoney.host - Not paying
72. vmoney.site- Not paying
73. yemoney.site- Not paying
74. fmoney.site-
Not paying
75. formoney.press - Not paying
76. esmoney.site-
Not paying
77.) Natcoin.io - This company will not go to coinmarket due to this is Scam website probably the hacker is Chinese. From the CEO and All the developer and managers the photo are fake as shown in their website. Check review by Bitconnect Top leader Team JoeyRocket https://youtu.be/MPEFMXPiv00

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