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Saturday, April 5, 2014

SMIC official tells Pinoys to invest in stocks

6 April 2014, Saturday

Investment Insights for Today by Rolly Custodio

I would like to pursue and encourage every Filipinos around the world that you need to take advantage to buy now the shares of Stocks of the Companies that have a strong Fundamental Analysis. One of these is SM Investment (Investment Arm of Henry Sy Sr. or SM Group) and kindly please read the report of Ms. Danessa Rivera from GMA News below;

SMIC official tells Pinoys to invest in stocks

April 4, 2014 6:27 pm 
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The Philippine economy is at its prime and is expected to grow faster across all sectors sectors, and Filipinos should take advantage of this opportunity to take part in the stock market, according to an official of SM Investments Corp.

In an e-mailed statement, SM Investments Corp. (SMIC) senior vice president for investor relations Corazon P. Guidote said the economy is at an “inflection point" where growth opportunities beckon across all sectors and will create a ripple effect particularly toward the equities market.

"There is growing interest from investors to invest in the Philippines,” said Guidote, a stockbroker before she joined the SMIC, told GMA News Online on Friday. “In the past, we were just purely driven by consumer spending."

Driven by services and manufacturing, the Philippine economy expanded by 7.2 percent last year – above the government growth goal of 6 to 7 percent and the fastest since the 7.7 percent recorded in 2009.

“We are excited as you are with all that the Philippines is experiencing,” Guidote told participants to a Wealth Summit co-organized by SMIC and COL Financial last week. “As such, we encourage you to invest in your country, and invest in your home-grown companies," she said.

The SM official, however, emphasized the need for financial education so Filipinos can tap the potential of the stock market – which is largely dominated by foreign players.

According to SMIC, 36 percent of its free float of 42 percent is held by foreign investors. Similarly, the minority investors in property unit SM Prime Holdings Inc. and BDO Unibank Inc. are mostly large foreign funds.

"Any time is a good time to invest. But one should always keep a long-term view and find a good investment adviser and a good company to invest in," Guidote said. – VS, GMA News

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