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Sunday, October 22, 2017

AirBit Club Review – Legit Business or Scam?

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AirBit Club Review – Legit Business or Scam?

There has been some buzz about this company so I decided to find out what it was all about…
Maybe someone approached you about the business opportunity or you were spammed on social media…
Whatever the case may be, you are here because you want to make sure this company is actually legit right?
There are so many people jump into business opportunities without doing their research…
If you read my post @ steemit community ( https://steemit.com/ico/@rollycustodio1/what-is-the-meaning-of-ico-and-what-you-should-look-for-ico-before-investing#@doqstrader/re-rollycustodio1-what-is-the-meaning-of-ico-and-what-you-should-look-for-ico-before-investing-20170913t123429816z) and previous blog post ( https://invest2makewealth.blogspot.com/p/download-toughest-answers-to-question.html)  about one of the main points why one Investment Companies or  Group or Club are legit;  the name of the founders and developers are the people behind this airbit and their previous experienced in establishing previous company or club and likewise their knowledge in live trading being takes place inside their website or their reporting.
Then they get BURNED big time. Which means the scammers are accumulating capital of members and then airbit club will just exit and scammed millions of dollar of all investors which they did before.
So don’t get burned and actually read this blog post all the way through…
I will be going over the company, the products and compensation plan so you can make the right decision to join or not…
AirBit Club Review

AirBit Club Review – The Company

The company was founded late 2015…
The founders of the company are Renato Rodriquez and Gutemberg dot Santos who have been involved with similar business opportunities before…
Both of them were involved with wcm777 and ViziNova that have been red flagged to be Ponzi scheme and scammed millions of dollars of thousands of investors previously as like a mention to the review of lazer.online programs who are now giving 10% to 12% daily which are overboard profits and not few weeks this laser.online will turn into scam. I'm the one predicted also that control-finance is a scam they copy the system of bitconnect and what they did not able to duplicate is the live trading of bitconnect inside the website they have live trading just like airbit all presentations of report are on papers which can be fake.
I know not a good start so far, but maybe I'm wrong in my review but scammers who did before that scammed millions of dollar and thousand of tears investors i will never join their second program again because they will scam you again and even they will turn it around right I will never bite this Airbit Club.
That’s all the information on the company history…
Next, let’s take a look at the products…

AirBit Club Reviews – The Products

AirBit Club gives you the opportunity to buy BitCoins and other cypto currencies and trade them in the marketplace.
So you buy them low and sell them high is the name of the game here…
AirBits Club convince you effectively that they are using the tools to trade live and earn profits but in reality they didn't have volatility software because of a lot payment in renewing your monthly networking system which is copy to Trade Coin Club (Right now TCC has bad image to all Fillipinos of 25% deductions and rasing threshold withdrawal from 0.03BTC to 0.09BTC which Apprentice Plan selected by small investors can withdraw only their profit from 48 days to 96 days which intentionally did due to they are planning to scam and exit)
Affiliates can also market this membership to earn commissions on…
Let’s take a look at the compensation plan.

Airbit Club Compensation Plan

Like all network marketing companies, you get paid commissions to refer people in the business…
There are three levels you can get into Airbit Club…
Half of this fee goes to paying affiliates, the other for actual bitcoin mining.
  • Executive – $250
  • Corporate – $500
  • Pro – $1000
  • Sliver - $15,000
  • Gold - $31,000
  • Platinum- $63,000
You get 20% commissions and you recruit someone in the business. If you are intelligent enough giving 20% referral is overboard referral commission and no legit company is giving this unless you are planning to scam all investors. They will be caught publicly why? It's simple logic if the software as they said that they are using for trading (but the truth is not) is only giving 1% daily which means giving 20% referral commissions you get earn this for 20 days thru average profit of their software trading. unbelievable referral big commissions such as 20%, I'm telling the truth based on my experience and study of all scammers they closed if there are no recruits coming in because i believed the 20% are coming from the recruits which i called this Ponzi Scam maybe this few weeks or months you survive but in the long run when the new comers are keep on decreasing then that's the time Airbit will exit withour informing all of the investors the founders have than that before of course they will that again and again, maybe the founder of these airbit club are came from gladia coin, jetcoin etc. who knows also. 
There are also ROI’s for investments up to 300 times.
Depending on the level you came in, you can get an ROI within 150 to 300 days.
Also, the AirBit Compensation plan says between 0.2% and 1.2% of funds invested are paid out daily.
Every 75 day ROI, there is a renewal fee which is charged at the rate of 35%. My analysis on this if you are getting say 25% average monthly and after 75 days or 2.50 months you will becharge of 35% which means that your total daily profit after 75 days becomes 75%- 35% = 40% only meaning you are getting of 40% divided by 75 days= 0.53% daily profit only and not 0.70% daily as they promise.
Commissions are paid through both a binary and 3×18 comp plan.
In the 3×18 compensation plan, there are 581 million positions.
You get paid $10 commission one time when a position is filled.
When you come in the Executive level ($250) you are capped at 3 levels in the matrix.
Corporate ($500) members are capped at seven levels and the PRO ($1000) can earn on all eighteen levels.
Now in the binary plan, you get two legs…
And you get paid on points, once you collect 200 points on both legs, you get $20 commission.
  • Executive ($250) – 200 points – Capped at $500 per day
  • Corporate ($500) – 400 points – Capped at $1000 per day
  • Pro ($1000) – 900 points – Capped at $10,000 per day
  • Silver ($15,000) - 12,000 points-capped @ $150,000 per day
  • Gold ($31,000)- 26,000 points - Capped @ $310,000 per day
  • Platinum ($63,000) - 54,000 points- Capped @ $630,000 per day
Cost To Join AirBit Club

The affiliate membership is $50 per month plus one of the packages below:
  • Executive – $250
  • Corporate – $500
  • Pro – $1000
  • Silver - $15,000
  • Gold - $31,000
  • Platinum - $63,000

  • Only difference between these packages really is the income potential that’s about it…

AirBit Club Review – The Verdict

The biggest issue I personally have is the fact they give you ROI when you invest with them…
This means they are required to register with a securities regulator…
The website doesn’t indicate that they are registered …
Just for the heads up, these guys are not affiliated with airBITZ bitcoin wallet…they are copy or duplicate the airBITZ coin
Also there is a possibility that while bitcoin mining is taking place, they are reusing newly invested funds to payout existing investors.
This would make this a massive ponzi scheme.
Well maybe I am wrong? correct me if you are right but based on track record of these two founders airbit club will also collapse.
This is a very similar to Renato Rodriguez ViziNova which collapsed…previous programs (wcm777 and ViziNova)
Anyway everyone, I hope you enjoyed my AirBit Club review and if you have any questions or comments leave them below and I would love to see them…
And what do you guys think?
Is this Legit or a scam by the information you read so far?

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