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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU! Does investing money violate Biblical principles?


                                  LET YOUR MONEY WORK FOR YOU!                             
                               Does investing money violate Biblical principles?

In the Bible, II Thessalonians 3:10 it is taught that only the person who work have the right to eat.

 Some people automatically think then that investing in Bitcoin,
Gold and Silver, Mutual Funds, Stockmarket, Lending, and even owning a business is evil because after all, the boss and investor doesn't work yet they get paid.

This is an erroneous belief and misunderstanding of the Bible.

You see, there are two types of work:


The employees and self employed are using the work hard principle. They trade their time and expertise for money. To them No Work is equals to No Pay. It is a never ending cycle for them of work->get paid->spend->work.

Since they are limited by the amount of time they can give in exchange for money, they barely earn anything and must constantly work or else the money stops flowing.

Investors and Business Owners on the other hand are Working Smart. They use the power of leverage to multiply their time and effort through other people or they make money work for them.

They do the hardwork in the beginning and enjoy the fruits of their labor many times over later even after they stop working. Because they are not limited by the hours they can give, they earn unlimited income. To them, no work is equals to yes pay. They can be vacationing around the globe and yet get paid.

 When you become an investor or business owner, there is still
work involved. For investors, work is done at the beginning when they use their mind to look for and examine good investment opportunities. That is work! They don't just throw their money away, they use their mind to make sure that each investment will be profitable.

 For business owners, they work really hard in the beginning as
self employed to get their business started. They manage it well and employ the right people. All that is hard work. But then later, due to their initial hardwork, their business becomes big and because of that, they can afford to step away even for a year and still earn lots and lots of money.

 So there is the answer. Investing and become a business owner is
not against Biblical principles.

 So learn to leverage your time and efforts. Learn to become an
investor or a business owner. Remember, If you don't learn to earn even while you sleep, you will work until you die.

I do not believe that we are born on this earth just to work, pay bills and die. Do you?

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